An Intervention Can Save A Life

Intervention Services at Recovery Directions

Our Intervention Services are dedicated to designing a plan to help a loved one that suffers from addiction problems.

An intervention service is an education process aimed at stopping the chaos and crisis that is so common in the life of an alcoholic or addict.

Addictions of all types seem to be progressive in nature and the effectiveness of early crisis intervention programs has is well established.

Addiction is not a moral issue. Addiction does not have to be a death sentence.

Much of the behavior exhibited is devastating to the addict, his friends and family. Often, of these behaviors and the problems they create vanish after someone has begun working in a recovery program.

Whether it is drug addiction or alcohol abuse, Recovery Directions can play an integral part in helping you to develop strategies and a plan for treatment for your loved one.

Interventions work.

When guided by a Recovery Directions, almost all intervention are effective, and result in the addicted person entering a treatment program.

A well-executed intervention process aims to move the addict out of the cycle of crisis and provide motivation to begin taking immediate steps toward recovery.

Addictions affect the entire family.

Often times a family member or loved one of an addicted feels like he or she is going crazy. They do not know what to believe from their addict and find it difficult to tell the true from the false.

It is very common for the addict to try and cover up their drinking and or drug usage. Sometimes friends and family will find themselves trying to cover for the addicted person, keeping themselves in denial about the seriousness of what is going on around them.

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