We received an Intervention Testimonial and share it here with permission.

June 6, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

Bobby helped me with my 19 year old son in January 2010. My son had been having problems off and on with alcohol and a little with drugs, at least that was my understanding. My son was a Sophomore at University of Arkansas, so I was not exactly sure what was going on. He came to me the end of December 2009 and said that he needed to get help. I found out about Origins in South Padre Island, Texas. I spoke to several people there and was very pleased with the information that I found out about the facility. I decided that Origins was the place for my son. I then called the airport and booked a flight for him for the next day and then began to pack my son’s suitcase.

Since we lived in Conway, AR and Bobby lived in Little Rock, Origins recommended for Bobby to take my son from Conway to the Little Rock airport. Once you decide that you are going to send someone to a rehabilitation facility, you begin to act very quickly. Bobby arrived at our home the next morning and after seeing my son he went outside and placed a call to a staff member at Origins that he knew very well. Bobby expressed his concern to the staff member that Garrett did not need to be flying alone to Origins, especially since he had to change planes. I then spoke to the staff member and he advised me to purchase Bobby a round trip ticket from Little Rock to Houston, along with paying him to escort Garrett. Bobby was a God send!! I followed the advice of the staff member and am so thankful that Bobby was with my son. I had to quickly get on the phone & purchase the ticket for Bobby, but they did not make it to the airport soon enough (even though it was almost 30 min. before the flight left) so we had to change the tickets via phone calls between the airport ticket employee, myself and Bobby! Wow, it was alittle crazy, but Bobby did great working on the ticket and keeping up with my son. He did a great job getting Garrett through security and onto the flight in LR and then onto his connecting flight in Houston. Employees from Origins were at the final destination to pick up my son.

My son was at the rehabilitation center until April and then went to a sober living house in Austin and then home by May 15, which was probably too soon for him to come home. I’m not sure Austin is where he needed to be either. Unfortunately, my son relapsed very quickly after leaving the facility. After I made a phone call to Bobby and he came to Conway and spoke to my son, my son decided to go back to Origins. Bobby was his escort again. I didn’t need anyone to tell me to have Bobby fly with my son this time. In fact, Bobby flew all the way to the rehabilitation facility this time.

Bobby has also helped with my son at other times. My son is doing very well at this time. Because of Bobby’s background, his own personal experiences and owning a sober living facility, he is very good with interventions and a lot of other areas involving addictions. He understands the benefits of the 12 step program. I understand the benefits of Alanon and would recommend the program to any family member, friend, etc of someone who is dealing with someone with an addiction. I would highly recommend Recovery Directions to anyone who is dealing with someone who has an addiction problem. He definitely has a heart for helping others. Addiction is a horrible disease and we definitely need more people like Bobby working in the field to help others. I pray for him and his work with people in this area.

Thank you so much,